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Costa Nord Mine offers you a smart and easy way to invest your money. Our Ethereum extraction system is suited for those who are new to the world of crypto-coins, as well as for encryption experts and large-scale investors.
Costa Nord Mine is an Ethereum extraction service that is an easy and secure way to purchase hashpower without having to deal with complex hardware and software configuration. We offer mining services and a variety of mining-related solutions for small and large investors.
Our mining experts team, with extensive knowledge of the digital monetary sector, are specialized in building the most efficient and reliable mining installations.

Mining bitcoin

What is Bitcoin Mining?

The Bitcoin is created by the mining act. Network members provide their computational power for calculating mathematical problems and are rewarded for this effort with Bitcoins. However, the more people are mining , the more competitive they are. Computers are good at solving these equations, so the Bitcoin network is making the solutions increasingly difficult, otherwise Bitcoins would be mined in minutes. There are already many types of specialized hardware on the market that have been specially designed for Bitcoin mining.
As new models come out quite often, everyone has to regularly optimize their mining equipment to stay competitive. Once a new mining installation is placed on the market, the old ones are quickly overcome and therefore unprofitable. At the same time, this gradual development of technology again raises the general difficulty of mining. The result is a circle that never ends with the constant need for optimization. This explains why it is necessary to start with the best available hardware and start immediately to be profitable for as long as possible.

Blockchain Technology

What is digital bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital coin. The reason that we and many others think is so remarkable is that this digital currency is not controlled by any central authority. The Bitcoin network is completely decentralized and the coin is produced by a community in which anyone can join freely.
The Bitcoin can be transferred almost freely and instantly, unlike conventional banks, where you have to pay a significant amount of money, and the transfer can take a few days.
The Bitcoin is not like any coin we know. It is produced and stored digitally. It is created by miners who use open source software to solve mathematical problems. There will be only 21 million Bitcoins that can ever be exploited, unlike the money coming from central banks in uncontrolled quantities. At this point, almost 16 million are created. A Bitcoin can be divided into 10 million pieces.
Online payments with Bitcoin are fast, secure and cost-free. The number of goods and services that can be purchased with the digital currency expands rapidly. Debit cards are available that can be used to make payments in any known currency using Bitcoin.

What is ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralized platform running smart contracts: applications that run exactly as they were scheduled without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or interference with third parties.
These applications run on a custom built blockchain, an extremely powerful and common global infrastructure that can move around value and represent ownership of the property. This allows developers to create markets, store debt registers or promises, and transfer funds in line with past instructions.
The project was launched through etheric sales in August 2014 by fans around the world. It is developed by the Ethereum Foundation, a Swiss nonprofit organization, with contributions from large minds around the world.

Other crypto curreny?

Apart from Bitcoin, there are other crypto-coins that have evolved and can be freely exchanged in currencies that exist in public exchanges. The most prominent crypto-coin next to Bitcoin is Ethereum.
There are more than 900 crypto-coins available from July 11, 2017.
New coins can be created at any time.
By capitalizing on the market, Bitcoin is currently the largest network of blocks, followed by Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin.

Ethererum mining contracts will run for a maximum of 24 months, but if Ethereum („ETH") passes proof of stake before the end of the term, we will use the leased hardware to mine the most profitable currency for you. See the contract for further details.


Ethereum mining contract - 24 months

Basic package 50 MH/s OUT OF STOCK !!! Free support




Ethereum mining contract - 24 months

Premium package 150 MH/s OUT OF STOCK !!! Free support



Ethereum mining contract - 24 months

Personalized package OUT OF STOCK !!! Free support


Frequently asked questions

If your question is not in the Useful Questions section, you can contact us at any time.

How does CostaNordMine contracts works?

It’s quick and easy! As soon as we receive your payment, the contract will be added to your profile and you can immediately start the Ethereum exploitation process.
The first payment arrives in our clients’ wallets after 48 hours and then a daily payment follows.
Note: Each operating day will be processed and paid within the next 24 hours after the end of the operating day.

Where is CostaNordMine location?

For security reasons, we do not disclose the exact location of our mining farms. The protection and security of our customers is a priority for us.
Starting January 2016, we operate several mining farms located in Romania.

Which is my expected return on investment?

The mining of Ethereum and Bitcoin depends greatly on market prices and mining difficulties that can not be predicted. We can not provide accurate data on the profitability of mining contracts, so we recommend all our customers to do their own research and make their own profitability calculations.
You can find more information regarding your return calculation at
Please note that some of our products have a daily maintenance fee that must be deducted from your daily earnings.
The site is an independent reference source and is not related in any way to the Costa Nord Mine.

Which pool is used for mining?

We do not publish a list of mining pools that we use. Our main criteria for a Good Pool are: reliability, fee structure and rejection rate.
We will use at least two different Pools per currency. This decision is due to the desire to preserve the decentralized nature of the crypt-coin networks! If we are aware that a Pool is approaching a nearly 50% share, we will give up and use a reserve Pool.

Is not cheaper to buy the hardware instead of renting hashpower?

At first glance, it may be thought that the purchase of the X miner is a bit cheaper than the hosted mining. However, there are a number of „hidden" costs related to the purchase and maintenance of a miner that significantly changes economies:
Transport costs: Few merchants will cover this, but in most cases they will charge you additional charges.
Customs duties / VAT: if it is an international delivery, you will probably have to pay customs and VAT; Generally, this has a tremendous impact on the total cost of your equipment.
Delivery time: You must wait until the miner is packaged and shipped. If kept in customs, this can take weeks. With Costa Nord Me you pay and get hashpower (mining power) immediately online. No delays!
Costs for additional equipment: When buying miners from merchants, you need to buy extra equipment, control units and shelves to store them efficiently. This adds significantly to the global price of mine power (hashpower).
System setup: When the device finally arrives, you need to assemble it and configure it. Beginners often underestimate the amount of work and technical knowledge needed to optimize the device and its settings.
Electricity: Domestic mining units not only bring heat and noise, but also an increase in the electricity bill.

What is included in maintenance fee?

The maintenance fee covers all costs related to mining, including, among others:
The cost of electricity
The cost of ventilation and cooling
Maintenance work
Hosting services
This fee applies to the contracts and is found in the current details of the maintenance fee in the contract.

When do I receive my payments?

A mining day usually starts at 00:00 EET and ends at 23:59:59 EET. If you just bought a contract, start time could be different and you will only be part of a fraction of that day.
At the end of the 24 hours we will do some additional calculations and double checks to make sure everything is right. In maximum 24 hours you will receive the payment for the currency you mined. Make sure you provide a payment address appropriate to the currency you are handling, otherwise we can’t make the payment!
It may take up to 48 hours to receive the first payment once you have purchased a contract. If you have not received any payment within 48 hours, contact our support team at

How does the contract works?

When you buy an Ether extraction contract, you buy part of a GPU for Ethereum mines. The „Hashing" algorithm used to mine Ethereum is called Ethash (or Dagger-Hashimoto).
Ethash requires the so-called DAG file to perform the calculations. This file increases over time, meaning that multiple operations need to be performed for each hash operation. This means that the effective archive drops slightly each time the DAG file increases.
This must be taken into account when comparing the theoretical results of the hashpower. Online calculators do not take this into account.

Open End contract?

The specific duration of an open contract is variable and is determined by three factors: the mining difficulty, the Ethereum vs USD exchange rate and the maintenance fee (this includes all electricity, cooling, development and maintenance costs). We can not control the first two factors that are unpredictable, but we always implement the latest mining technology and do our best to keep it at your best.
If a contract becomes unprofitable (ie. the payment can not cover the maintenance fee), the resulting daily payment will be zero.
In this case, we will use leased mining power to monetize the most profitable currency for your contract.
You will be notified if your contract is affected.

How often I will receive payments?

The production of Ethereum is generated daily, but you will receive the related payments only after a minimum of 1 ETH has been accumulated. These minimum payments are set to prevent customers from paying excessive fees for receiving small payments in their wallets.

How can I contact you?

Customer service is our highest priority! We know how important it is for a potential investor to find answers to their questions. Making decisions is not just about having a good feeling, but also about understanding the business concept in detail. Therefore, you can always contact us at

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